Reinvent can help you successfully return to work after years of caring for your family. For some women looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work. Let's find out!

A research done by the Economist, have shown that 82% of trailing spouses or partners had a university degree and 90% of them were forced to relinquish their own jobs in order to pursue their partner’s move abroad. Of these 90%, only 35% worked during their time living overseas. However, most would have liked to.

So, what is holding them back?


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Kenza Mekouar

Kenza Mekouar

Kenza has started her career in consulting after graduating from LSE in Economics. She went on to subsequently work in Banking and Executive Recruitment. Se has worked in Spain & the UK.

After, 15 years, she retrained as an Executive Coach at the “School of Coaching” and has since been working with international executives. She is passionate about helping others achieve their dream/aspirations and full potential. Her most deep-rooted belief is that we are all capable, resourceful and creative. When these are put into good use, you feel accomplished.

Her clients say that they are motivated, energised and inspired as a result of their work together. They also say that she is empathic, supportive and sometimes challenging. She normally builds trusting, confidential and lasting relationships with her clients, helping them to develop greater self-awareness and fresher perspectives.

Kenza is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

She has also lived in Morocco, the US, Paris, Madrid and London.

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Anne de Montarlot

Anne de Montarlot

Anne has started working in NYC in Finance and Advertising.

After 10 years, she decided to change path and found her true vocation to re-trained and obtain a Master degree in counselling and psychotherapy in London in 2004.

She has also graduated from the Coaching School of Meyler Campbell in the City and does Career counselling development as well as uses Personality psychometrics such as the MBTI.

Since then, she has been coaching international professionals in London and is passionate about empowering and supporting diversity in daily corporate challenge of cultural differences.

Anne is fluent in French and English. She has also lived in the US, France and London.

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Chantal Gautier

Chantal Gautier

Chantal is a London-based academic, Chartered Psychologist and experienced eclectic professional with a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Her continued interest in the workplace psychology is driven by her passion for the interface between learning, teaching and business. 

Her academic work continues to support her ongoing projects and business experience with a focus on leadership, team building,  change management, engagement, communications and workplace design. 

This expertise has led to her first book publication: The Psychology of Work: Insights into Successful Working Practices, Kogan Page, in which she reminds us in the importance of bringing back the humane to organizational life. 

Her  ability to create synergy by coordinating and leveraging the best of both worlds, has significantly enhanced her ability to make major contributions in different sectors throughout her career.

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Coaching brings great benefits to you and your career, increasing performance by more than 70%"* (Harvard Business Review study in 2015)

Reinvent is designed to help expats/ trailing spouses who have been out of work, transition back into a successful and meaningful career. This will provide them with a jumpstart!

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Reinvent yourself

Reinvent yourself

Return to work coaching

Returning to work after a break can be challenging. Following a career break, we often start with a negative mind-set: low self-confidence and self-belief, lower salary expectations than before a career break and a broad and general anxiety over our past experiences.

However, there are so many examples of people who have successfully returned to work after years of caring for their family. For some women looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work.

Finding a career you enjoy can in itself be challenging, but what happens when you (for whatever reason) need to take a career break? For some women, having children and caring for their family brings with it a pause on their career.

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