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Reinvent can help bridge business with human behaviour and create a 360 integrated work approach. We help you tackle cultural change and boost employee productivity. We provides Team Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching and Return to Work coaching to companies in London.

Our team of highly experienced international coaches can help you & your company overcome complex cross-cultural challenges and boost employees motivations.

If you team is spanning across countries and continents, we can help improve cooperation, helping people and global team work better together.


About Us

Kenza Mekouar

Kenza Mekouar

Kenza has started her career in consulting after graduating from LSE in Economics. She went on to subsequently work in Banking and Executive Recruitment. Se has managed diverse team across Spain & the UK.

After, 15 years, she retrained as an Executive Coach from the “School of Coaching” and has since been working with international executives helping them manage high performing global teams. She knows how important it is to be aware of cultural differences and enable an environment where everyone can work better together.

Kenza is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

She has also lived in Morocco, the US, Paris, Madrid and London.

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Anne de Montarlot

Anne de Montarlot

Anne has started working in NYC in Finance and Advertising and after 10 years decided to change path. She found her true vocation and re-trained to obtain a Master degree in counselling and psychotherapy in London in 2004.

She has also graduated from the Coaching School of Meyler Campbell in the City and does Career counselling development as well as uses Personality psychometrics such as the MBTI.

Since then, she has been coaching international professionals and multicultural teams in London and is passionate about empowering and supporting diversity in daily corporate challenge of cultural differences.

Anne is fluent in French and English. She has also lived in the US, France and London.

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Chantal Gautier

Chantal Gautier

Chantal is a London-based academic, Chartered Psychologist and experienced eclectic professional with a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Her continued interest in the workplace psychology is driven by her passion for the interface between learning, teaching and business. 

Her academic work continues to support her ongoing projects and business experience with a focus on leadership, team building,  change management, engagement, communications and workplace design. 

This expertise has led to her first book publication: The Psychology of Work: Insights into Successful Working Practices, Kogan Page, in which she reminds us in the importance of bringing back the humane to organizational life. 

Her  ability to create synergy by coordinating and leveraging the best of both worlds, has significantly enhanced her ability to make major contributions in different sectors throughout her career.

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"Cross-cultural coaching can bring great benefits to your organization, increasing performance by more than 70%"* (Harvard Business Review study in 2015)

For global cosmopolitans executives , managing a virtual cross-cultural team, taking frequent business trips or presenting at international conferences can help to keep them engaged.

You have to make sure they are supported to do it effectively

Our Services

Now, more than ever, companies are looking to motivate and energise their employees in times of uncertainty and constant change in a global economy.

Reinvent yourself

Reinvent yourself

Return to work coaching

Returning to work after a break can be challenging. Following a career break, we often start with a negative mind-set: low self-confidence and self-belief, lower salary expectations than before a career break and a broad and general anxiety over our past experiences.

However, there are so many examples of people who have successfully returned to work after years of caring for their family. For some women looking to re-enter the workforce, a full-time, stable job with benefits is the only path back. For others, re-entry needs to involve part-time, home- or project-based work.

Reinvent your Team

Reinvent your Team

Cohesive with productive teamwork strategies and a continued team support ethos

Reinvent the way your work

Reinvent the way your work

Reinvent the way you work with an increased knowledge of effective habits, your strengths, hidden skills and areas of development

Research have demonstrated that “ to meet business goals in the next two years, organizations say that their staff need to develop management and leadership skills first (42%), followed by intercultural skills to help raise awareness of other cultures (40%) and then people management skills (32%).

The 2010 CIPD Learning and Development Survey

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